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Written by Beth Garrett
Located on Boston Bay at the mouth of the Charles River, Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, is the predominant city in New England. Rich history, beautiful landscapes and opulent architecture all add up to make Boston one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Native American tribes originally inhabited the area
that was later to become Boston. With the coming of Europeans, disease came as well, greatly reducing the number of these native people. The first permanent settlement was established in 1630 by the Puritans and was named after Boston, England. Boston Skyline People other than the Puritans began to take interest in Boston and soon the city was the capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Later, Boston became the epicenter for political unrest against England. Dramatic events such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party played a large role in the colonies fighting England for their freedom. Today, Boston is just as important to the Boston Skylinewell being of the United States as it was over 400 years ago. Harvard University and Wellesley College call Boston home, as do various museums, cultural arts centers and financial institutions.

Activities and Historical Sights

One of the best ways to see various points of historical interest while visiting Boston is to follow the Freedom Trail. This self-guided tour takes tourists to the Paul Revere House, the Old North Church, Faneuil Hall and the Old State House. The Quincy Market in Boston Black Heritage Trail takes tourists to various stops on the Underground Railroad. Sports enthusiasts can usually catch a sporting event no matter
what the time of year. The Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, the Boston Bruins and the New England Patriots all call Boston home. Nature lovers will be left breathless by the sheer beauty of the leaves turning in the fall or the flowers blossoming in the spring. The Museum of Fine Arts is Boston's pride and joy. The permanent collection includes works by French impressionists, Chinese and Japanese paintings, unique prints and sculptures. Boston is exploding with theater, opera and ballet as well. A visit to listen to the Boston Symphony Orchestra or the Boston Pops is also a must.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor lovers will find plenty to Boston Marketdo in Boston. The Public Garden is bursting Statue of General George Washington in Boston with gorgeous plants, flowers and trees. This is an ideal spot to enjoy a romantic picnic or walk. Boston Common is the most popular park in the city. People gather to ice skate during the winter and play Frisbee in the summer. A stroll through the historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill is an architect's dream come true. Houses dating back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries make this one of Boston's most charming neighborhoods. After a day of sightseeing, tourists should head on over to Boston HarborBoston Statue of Paul Revere to see the most spectacular sight of the day, a beautiful sunset.

Dining and Shopping

Boston is also a shopping Mecca. Whether it's exclusive, high-end shopping or quaint bookstores and coffee shops, Boston has it all. Harvard Square resembles a European town rather than a bustling American city. Students, young and old, fill the streets with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Dining is another rewarding experience. Hundreds of restaurants await diners, ready to fulfill their every wish. Samuel Adams Brew House is a definite stopping place for beer lovers. After being stuffed to the gills at any number of Boston's fabulous eating establishments, vacationers should head over to one of Boston's numerous nightclubs and dance the night away.

New England/Canadian Vacation Cruises

Throughout the year, cruise ships can be seen entering and leaving Boston Harbor carrying thongs of vacationers. Boston is a stopping point for many cruise lines before heading off to other beautiful New England and Canadian destinations such as Montreal, Nova Scotia and Bar Harbor.
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